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Useful Paperwork and Documents

Here are links to lots of different bits of frequently used paperwork and documents for JMO's working at The Canberra Hospital.

JMO Welcome Guide

This is the guide for new doctors starting at Canberra Health Services

Deceased Person Checklist

This is the checklist to complete if a patient is deceased on a ward at The Canberra Hospital

Medicines Information Sources Cheatsheet

A list of useful sites for up to date medicines information

How to Use the MRI Safety Questionnaire

A quick guide on how to use the MRI Safey Questionnare and where to send it.

Completing Death Certificates - A Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet for completion of death certificates in a hospital setting

One45 Term Assessment Referee Reports

This is the referee report you need to complete with a consultant or registrar for your term supervisor to review on Pod Relief Terms

AMA Social Media Guide

This is the guidelines on social media use produced by the AMA

Electrolyte Replacement Guidelines - CHS

SOP for Electrolyte Replacement at TCH - a very useful document

MRI Inpatient Checklist

The MRI Inpatient Safety Checklist

Infection Prevention and Control Procedures

Look at this one if you need to find out about when you can return to work after an illness - page 36, section 6.

After Hours JMO Escalation Pathways

A flowchart of who to escalate issues to and when as a JMO


This is the 'improving performance action plan' produced by the Australian Medical Council

CHS Guidelines on Suitable Attire and Hand Hygiene

Guidelines on suitable attire, hand hygiene and infection control principles at TCH

Completion of Internship FAQ

This is the factsheet regarding the time/hours requirements for completion of internship

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

This is the medical practitioner enterprise bargaining agreement - 2017.

Discharge Medications Cheat Sheet

This is a little cheat sheet describing how to effectively and efficiently write discharge medications within Canberra Health Services/TCH

CHS Social Media Policy

Guidelines on appropriate use of social media by CHS employees

HITH Referral and Agreement for Treatment Form

This is the form that needs to be completed for patients being referred to HITH

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