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Orientation to the PODs
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As part of the 4-term hospital system at Canberra Hospital, the different units of the hospital are divided into Pods.  There are 5 pods - Medical Pod 1, Medical Pod 2, Medical Pod 3, Surgical Pod 1, Surgical Pod 2.  The term descriptions for each of these pods is included below.

A Pod is a grouping of JMO terms within the framework of the existing hospital clinical department structure. The Pod system is designed to achieve the following:

  • Increase the amount and quality of JMO clinical exposure within the units of the Pod

  • Simplify and improve the accuracy of clinical handover

  • Improve continuity of care by moving towards a ’24 hr hospital’

  • Provide an increase in evening and night medical staffing and greater continuity of care that involves the same group of JMOs looking after the Pod patients AH.

  • Enable more efficient completion of clinical duties and administrative paperwork.


A Key feature of the Pod system is that each pod is internally self-sufficient within that group of JMOs. Added value is achieved by the fact that JMOs are supervised and managed by Senior Medical Practitioners similarly functioning within their individual pod. All JMO overtime is undertaken within the pod. The afterhours pod JMO is responsible for all inpatient care for patients admitted within the pod across a 24hr period, seven days per week. The system replaces the previous after-hours junior doctor ward overtime cover and aims to support patient safety by having a focussed patient group for the JMOs to cover within their Pod.


The Pods are staffed to enable JMO education and training, and to comply with clinical and leave obligations. The system has provisions to cover for unplanned leave (sick leave). The medical officer support credentialing education training unit (MOSCETU) provides overall coordination of JMO education, training, support and administration.

Below are a series of videos and links to the term descriptions for the relief terms to provide some orientation and direction regarding the specific pods, both medical and surgical.

Med Pod 1

Term Description Link

Med Pod 2

Term Description Link

Med Pod 3

Term Description Link

Surgical Pod 1

Term Description Link

Surgical Pod 2

Term Description Link

JMO Developed Guide to the PODS

Here is the link to the work in progress and constantly updated JMO Developed Guide to the PODS.  It is hosted on SharePoint so you need an account to access it.

POD Orientation Videos

Below are some of the orientation videos done by the relevant areas registrars to give you a general idea of the expectations that come with the different units that make up the pods, in addition to some helpful tips and tricks about curly clinical situations.  

Med Pod 1
A JMO Perspective

Med Pod 1
A Registrar Perspective

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