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Consult Tips

The DPET Team and a representative from specialties across Canberra Hospital have put together a series of short videos to assist you when making a consult to another speciality for your team.

They cover what each team does, how to contact them, and what information they would like from you when you call.

They are an excellent resource to find out a bit more about what each team does, and will hopefully make you more comfortable about making the phone call when asked by your team to get a consult done.

The links to the video only are on the left via the VIMEO channel

         The dropbox area to the right contain the PowerPoint versions of the videos with some extra            explanatory text and contact information. 


The PowerPoint shows need to be run outside your browser (so downloaded or opened in PowerPoint) or the embedded video will not work on these (but these rest of the PowerPoint will).

As a general tip when making consults: In the immortal words of one of the Gastroenterology AT's - 'ISBAR PEOPLE!  ISBAR!!!'

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