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International Medical Graduates

Are you an international medical graduate on a pathway to gaining full general registration within Australia?  This process can be complex and challenging.  Please see the boxes below for some information about the AMC processes and some links to external providers of IMG advice and training.  Some of these are commercial enterprises and CHS is providing these for information purposes only.  CHS is not affiliated with these sites nor responsible for their content - these are for your information and consideration only.

Please click on the yellow button on the right of each section to be taken to the external site.

The DPET at CHS have a dedicated Whatsapp group for IMG's - please use the QR code here to join it!

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"Overview of Assessment Pathways" - Australian Medical Council



(AMC listed bridging course provider - fees payable)


"Preparing for the AMC Exam"

- AdvancedMed Blog


"Multi Choice Guide"

- The Australian Medical Council


"Clinical Examination Guide"

- The Australian Medical Council


"Suggested Reading Material for AMC Examination Preparation"

- The Australian Medical Council


"How to Pass the AMC Exams Part 1"

- AdvancedMed Blog


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