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JMO Handover

JMO's are expected to handover details regarding their patient's at the end of their shift.  There is a night to morning handover, morning to evening handover and evening to night handover.  Currently the evening to night handover has a formalised structure as detailed below.  The other periods of handover are currently undergoing modification to bring them inline with operational and best practice guidelines.

Information about best practice for handover is available from the following resources (click on the icon to access them).

  • AMA Guide -


  • HETI Guide - 


Evening to Night JMO Handover

The current process for evening to night JMO handover process is as follows:

1.       Handover commences at 2100.

2.       Night Medical Registrar, Evening Medical Registrar and JMO’s attend the Main Canberra Hospital Auditorium at 2100 (2030 on weekends).

3.       One JMO will be nominated as scribe by Night Medical Registrar.

4.       JMO’s record attendance via the handover attendance template in – Q:\TCH\Division of Medicine\Medical Handover\Night Handover\2020

5.       Scribe will also put in patient details and plan in handover patient spreadsheet on laptop/projector.

6.       This spreadsheet will be administered by the Medical Registrar(s) but able to be reviewed/altered by any JMO.

7.       The handover Patient Template File is located in – Q:\TCH\Division of Medicine\Medical Handover\Night Handover\2020

8.       When updating this document please end any additions/notes with your initials in brackets e.g. ‘Mrs Jones now taking oral fluids as of 0100 hours (JD)’.

9.       The Mental Health JMO may handover to the Medical Pod 3 JMO by phone, but must email with the details of this handover (time, patient, to whom handed over).

10.    Night Medical Registrar to introduce themselves initially and determine if any JMO’s are present who are commencing their first night shift (‘ever’ or for this ‘block’).

11.    Night Medical Registrar to clarify how to contact them and for what issues.

12.    Each JMO in attendance listens to the handover from each pod as the patient is presented to the registrar.

13.    The order this occurs is at the Night Medical Registrar’s discretion and may be dictated by time of attendance of JMO’s, or alphabetical/ward numerical.

14.    RN Handover is also at 2100 – RN’s will be informed to avoid paging from 2045 until 2130 unless critical/urgent.

15.    Commence handing over the sickest/most unstable/MEWS increasing, MET calls, and critical results to the Night Medical Registrar using ISBAR format.

16.    JMO’s may handover small tasks or f/up issues amongst themselves following the completion of formal handover of unwell/sick/unstable/post MET patients.

17.    If a JMO does not attend handover, the Night Medical Registrar is to contact the JMO following handover to identify why they could not attend and obtain handover or plan how handover is to occur.

18.    If you are unable to attend due to urgent clinical necessity and could not communicate to the Night Medical Registrar, please alert MOSCETU via email at to indicate:

a.       why you could not attend handover,

b.       who, when and how you handed over (e.g. ‘I was at a MET call on 9A, I handed over patient X at 2230 to Dr Joe Blogs via face to face meeting’).

19.    Follow up will be undertaken the next day for those who do not attend handover and do not alert MOSCETU/Night Registrar as above.

Night to Morning JMO Handover


This process is currently undergoing refinement - watch this space!

Morning to Evening Handover


This process is currently undergoing refinement - watch this space!

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