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JMO Research Network

Canberra Health Services undertakes very large amounts of research, quality improvement and quality assurance projects.

However, finding how to become part of one of these can be challenging.

The section below provides information from different units who are undertaking these projects and provides a contact person to get in touch with if you would like to get involved in something.

Those doctors with a special interest within their clinical sphere have this included in brackets next to their names.

Division of Medicine

Cardiology - Dr Walter Abhayaratna -

Dermatology- Dr Andrew Miller -

Endocrine - Dr Chris Nolan -

Oncology - Dr Nicole Goddard -

Rheumatology - Dr Kathleen Tymms -

Renal - Dr Girish Talaulikar -

Gastroenterology - TBA

Neurology - Prof Christian Lueck -

Immunology - Dr Katrina Randall -

Respiratory - Dr Carol Huang - Stuart Schembri -

Infectious Diseases - Dr Ian Marr -

HITH - Dr Karyn Cuthbert - 

Geriatrics - Dr Alex Fisher -, Dr Malith Ramasundara - Malith,, Dr Emily Walsh -

Palliative Care - Dr Michael Chapman- - (Aged Care, Dementia, Palliative Care, Ethics)

Cancer and Ambulatory Services

Haematology -  Dr Sam Bennet -

Medical Oncology - Dr Ankit Jain - (Clinical Trials), Dr Yada Kanjanapan - (Phase 1)

Radiation Oncology - Dr Farhan Syed -, (pre-clinical/lab based), Dr Amy Shorthouse - (Clinical Research)

Women's, Youth and Children

Paediatrics - Dr Pearl Chan -

O&G - Dr Michael Peek -, Boon Lim (Whilst Michael on long service leave) -

Neonatology - Dr Latif Mohamed - (medical), Marg Broom (Neonatal research nurse) -

Division of Surgery

Plastics - Mr Rostam D Farhadieh -

Orthopaedics - Mr Joe Lynch  -  (Trauma and orthopaedics)

Critical Care

Emergency - Professor Drew Richardson -


Associate Professor John Cockburn -

Melissa Craft (Co-Director of Training) -

Catherine Hayter (Co-Director of Training) -

Ahmad Javaid (Director NM/PET) -


Dr Philip Gaughwin -

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