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The Canberra Hospital Rostering Team work on level 3, Building 2, just next to MOSCETU and the DPET Office.  Please see below for more information about specific rostering topics.

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Contact the Team

Roster Manager (BPTs, After hours Rosters) – 617 44116

Roster Manager (Surgical) – 617 48638

Roster Manager (PODS) – 617 48637

Roster Manager (WCY, MHJHADS, Seconded JMOs) – 617 48636

Rostering Email -

Rosering On Call Mobile - 0434 690 071


Your rostered shifts will be loaded into MYSHIFT by your assigned Roster Manager.  Access to your electronic timesheet is online via MYSHIFT ‘Boss’ (Browser Operator Self Service). 

You will need to log into this system to lodge requests for un-rostered overtime, callback and agree/disagree to your timesheet by Wednesday end of each pay fortnight.

The MYSHIFT BOSS user guide (including how to access the system can be downloaded: MYSHIFT BOSS User Guide

Roster Swaps

All JMOs must request roster swaps by emailing Medical Rostering - and cc in the person you are swapping with.

Roster swaps will be considered by Roster managers after taking into account the following issues:

  • Total hours worked in the relevant pay period by each JMO;

  • Skill mix required on each shift; and

  • Any increase in expense to CHHS or a reduction in service delivery.

JMOs will be advised of approval/non-approval by medical roster staff via ACT Government email address.

Overtime and Call Back

Enter overtime into BOSS with details of call back and patient details.  

The following details must accompany and claim of un-rostered overtime. 


Information provided should be sufficient to account for time claimed:

  • Date;

  • Time In & Out;

  • Patient/s URN/s; and

  • Name of consultant who requested overtime (if applicable).

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sheet from the Chief Medical Officer detailing un-rostered overtime, including acceptable standards can be reviewed from the 'Rostering' page.

Sick/Personal Leave

Please advise MOSCETU rostering staff of your absenteeism by leaving a text message on 0434 690 071, emailing Medical Rostering - as well as informing your team registrar with as much notice as possible.

Robyn Hughes

Senior Manager of Medical Rostering

Manages the rostering team and Basic Physician Trainee and Medical Registrar rostering


Elaine Howell

Roster Manager

JMO Women, Youth and Childrens; Mental Health; 

Rosy Spyropolous

Rostering Administration Assistant

SPOK Entry, Locum invoices


Carylann Jackson

Roster Manager

JMO Medical and Surgical Pods


Kellie Bracher

Roster Manager

Surgical and ICU Registrars

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