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Self Directed Learning Resources

While formal teaching programs, bedside teaching and other directed educational programs are great, you can't get by in medicine without ongoing, self directed learning.

Here are some resources that you may find useful to assist you in undertaking your own studies.

(Small disclaimer - None of the listed sites are affiliated with Canberra Health Services or ACT Health and are only included for your information.  No guarantee can be made regarding the quality or veracity of the content of these sites.  These have been recommended by other JMO's working with Canberra Health Services).

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Human Dx

The Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx) is a worldwide effort created with and led by the global medical community to build an online system that maps the steps to help any patient.

Humerus Hacks

Final year medical students turned real life doctors attempt to liven up their studies with mnemonics and banter!

Canberra Health Services Library

A plethora of resources available to ANU students and CHS doctors


Med App is an offline-accessible, mobile-first tool for accessing clinical and hospital guidelines, communicating with clinicians, and facilitating education and training.

NEJM Image Challenge

A series of images with a short clinical history and multiple possible diagnoses to select from - test yourself!

Med Conversations

Learn medicine by osmosis!

How To Treat

A series of brief targeted topics providing up to date treatment recommendations for commonly encountered conditions.  

Up To Date

You all know what up to date is....  Free access for CHS employees


Developed by doctors, MedShr is the secure and easy way to discuss cases by specialty with verified medical colleagues.

EMCrit Project

EMCrit brings the best evidence-based information from the fields of critical care, resuscitation, and trauma and translate it for bedside use in the Emergency Department (ED) and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


Radiopaedia is a rapidly growing open-edit educational radiology resource that has been primarily compiled by radiologists and radiology trainees from across the world. Their mission is to create the best radiology reference, and to make it available for free, forever.

Therapeutic Guidelines

The original and best!  Free access for CHS employees

IM Reasoning

Conversations to inspire critical thinking in clinical medicine and education.

EM:RAP Lectures

EM:RAP features a world-class faculty from around the globe, presenting a range of EM topics in a tightly edited audio format.

Emergency Medicine Cases

Emergency Medicine Cases (EM Cases) is a free online medical education podcast, medical blog and website dedicated to providing online emergency medicine education and CME for physicians, residents, students nurses and paramedics. 

StatPearls at NCBI

A fantastic resource for evidence based discussions on any medical topic imaginable.  Free CPD Quizzes also associated with the articles.

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