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Discharge Summaries

Not sure what to write in a discharge summary? 

Questions about the CHS standards? 

Here are some helpful links to give you some tips on writing them.

Below this information are some example discharge summaries from real world cases to get you started.

The video here ------------------------------------------------>

is an excellent run down by your fellow JMO's of some of the practical issues you may face in completing discharge summaries on time and to a good standard.

A small note regarding cancelled procedures - Patients with a cancelled procedure can have an ID sheet and is applicable across all surgeries. ID sheet must include diagnosis, signature and date- not just the surgery they were supposed to have or that is was cancelled.

Discharge Summaries and the DHR

Here are some fact sheets, videos and tips and tricks about using the DHR for discharge summaries.

Discharge Summary Tips for JMOs from a registrar working at CHS

"Tip Sheet for Discharge Summaries" from the CDIP Team

The DHR and You - tips and tricks from the JMOF Chair - VIMEO recording

DHR and Discharge Summaries - recording by the GPLU

How To's and Tips on Discharge Summaries

Here are some various guides from around the web regarding how to do a good discharge summary and what it should contain (and what it shouldn't contain).  


Health Information Services - Discharge Summary Resource Handbook - Canberra Health Services


"Working with General Practice" - On The Wards


"How to Write A Discharge Summary" - Geeky


"What Isn't Said" - On The Wards


"The Inside Scoop - How to Write A Discharge Summary" - On The Wards


"GP to Chase - Part 1" - On The Wards


"GP to Chase - Part 2" - On The Wards


Canberra Health Services Discharge Summary SOP - Canberra Health Services


GP Understanding of abbreviations used in hospital discharge letters - MJA

Example Discharge Summaries

Here are some de - identified real world discharge summaries from Canberra Health Services from a variety of sub specialities to give you an idea of what a discharge summary should contain.

CHS Health Information Services - Support Resources - 2022

Example - Gastroenterology

Example - Gynaecology

Example - Neurology

How to Complete an ID Sheet - Medical Day Cases

Example - Geriatrics (1)

Example - Haematology (1)

Example - Orthopaedics 

How to Complete an ID Sheet - Cancelled Day Case Procedure

Example - Geriatrics (2)

Example - Haematology (2)

Example - Respiratory

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