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The MOSCETU Dropbox contains all PowerPoint and other educational support material used by JMO Education program presenters.  These materials are uploaded as soon as possible after the presentation.

The Dropbox also contains other useful documents to support your education and learning.  Please feel free to explore the Dropbox material below.


UPDATE! - As of the 01-09-2021, we have transitioned to Microsoft OneDrive via Canberra Health Services Office 365 account.  The previous Dropbox has been migrated to this site.

Unfortunately only those with an active ACT.GOV account are able to access this site.

Please click the below button to be taken to the site.

If you are logged into an ACT.GOV computer it should just open a new page.

If you are logging on from home/your phone it will ask you to log in with your ACT.GOV credentials.

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