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This education calendar comprises the teaching sessions delivered at The Canberra Hospital for Junior Medical Officers.

The teaching programs on offer for JMO's are:

  • Monday Shorts - A series of case based pathology and radiology tutorials, simulation sessions, and a mixed bag of medicolegal and left of field topics

  • Intern Teaching - A series of lectures targeted at intern level doctors

  • MEU JMO Teaching - A series of increasingly complex lectures targeted at RMO's and above.

Intern Teaching has returned to Face to Face in 2022, but is streamed and recorded as well.

MEU JMO Teaching will commence in late March each year once the interns commence after-hours rosters.  It will be face to face and streamed/recorded.

Monday Shorts sessions are also face to face with option to stream, but simulation sessions will not be streamed.


Intern Teaching is mandated for interns to attend and is part of the requirements for achieving general registration.

Those JMO's in ED at TCH, post nights or rostered off/sick/on leave do not need to attend, but must alert MOSCETU that this is the case.

Monday Shorts is non mandated but thoroughly encouraged and attendance is recorded


MEU JMO Teaching is mandated for PGY2 doctors in 2023 due to changes in CPD requirements by the AMC.

During online only sessions, feedback forms are emailed out following the session.  Although it is tiresome to complete these, they are super important to enable the program to be improved.

TCH Education Calendar

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