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Teaching Channels

All teaching material recorded from our teaching sessions is placed on our vimeo site.

The links to each teaching channel are below.

If you are attempting to view these from a computer on the ACT Government Network, you will need to 'accept' the firewall warning.

The VIMEO Channel also have another layer of password protection - please enter the same password you used to enter this site to access the VIMEO channels.

A brief description of each channel is included in the boxes below.


Monday Shorts

A series of case based pathology and radiology tutorials, with a mixed bag of medicolegal and left of field topics

Consult Tips - Splash - Consult Tips.JPG

Consult Tips

5min video tips from sub-specialty teams at The Canberra Hospital about how to make a good speciality consult to their team.


Intern Teaching

A series of lectures targeted at intern level doctors


CHS Blood Service

A series of brief updates about new innovations or operational changes from the TCH Blood Service


MEU JMO Teaching

A series of increasingly complex lectures targeted at RMO's and above.


Orientation 2021

This channel will be unlocked prior to intern orientation 2021

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